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The object: mass-produced romantic companionship.

His beautiful coworker Lea Seydoux holds a torch for him; too bad that she, too, is a replicant. Both actors are onscreen for almost the entire movie, yet are given shockingly little to do — and without anything specific to latch onto, or anything interesting or relatable to say, McGregor specifically winds up flailing.

This is a textbook example of how you misuse a great performer in the worst possible way. Another day, another silly pseudo-erotic thriller in which nice-guy Ewan gets taken in by shady characters. With what sounds like some sort of New Jersey accent, no less. See higher on this list.

Rogue Trader, is it any good?

You may recognize the Scottish brogue, though McGregor somehow manages to be barely recognizable with that facial hair and that cowboy get-up, thus somehow undercutting the whole point of a celebrity cameo. Go directly to the mark here , and marvel at how he was able to escape this with his dignity intact. McGregor plays a gay financial adviser who likes to lounge in the men-only part of the park with his restaurant-critic partner Douglas Hodge, partaking of the many opportunities for anonymous sex in the woods nearby. It should make for a compelling contrast — the good-natured party-boy and the serious-minded intellectual.

But McGregor seems to be indicating more than acting here. McGregor had a tiny part in this episodic comedy-drama in which Robin Williams played five men in five different eras of human history falling prey to cowardice and indecision. None of them, sadly, involve Ewan McGregor, though the actor is appropriately gaunt, and somewhat unrecognizable.

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Check out his scene here. McGregor overdoes his part as a fresh-faced and out-of-his-element law student who takes a job as a night watchman in a morgue where a psycho appears to be trying to have sex with the corpses. Quick — did you even remember Ewan McGregor in this movie? His typical, welcome tendency to do the work that allows his co-stars to shine becomes, for once, a liability here. Don Cheadle famously noted that he needed to cast a white co-star in order to get his ambitious Miles Davis movie financed. That actually requires a phenomenal degree of range, which McGregor certainly possesses.

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And his scenes with Cheadle have a buddy-comedy charge that makes you wish, at times, that they would make an actual buddy-cop comedy together. A lot of chilly compositions and moody atmosphere gussy up what turns out to be yet another riff on An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, but it presents its actors with an interesting challenge: How to convey the surface emotions of the ostensible story while hinting at the fact that there is another, buried narrative going on, without giving away the big twist?

This requires performances that can hold the characters at something of a remove. McGregor and his co-stars Gosling and Naomi Watts give it a shot, but the script and story are ultimately too stilted and phony to work. McGregor is handsome and pleasant, though he manages little chemistry with his costar. As her husband, McGregor is a little awkward, especially since the couple seems surprisingly uncomfortable around each other.


Nor does he ever reach the levels of desperation that his better half seems capable of, whether he needs to or not. As pilot Gene Vidal, i. But nobody can really overcome a script that never gets off the ground, nor the impeccably stiff presentation of the material. This fanciful portrait of Peter Rabbit creator Beatrix Potter wants to present her as both submerged romantic and visionary genius while making a family-friendly entertainment. Predictably, his character sees the true potential in it — and in Potter. Michelle Williams is a young mother whose husband and son are killed by a terrorist bomb at an Arsenal soccer game.

McGregor is the wealthy journalist sorry: a wealthy…journalist? How many times has Ewan McGregor played a journalist now? But McGregor does more with it than most audience surrogate journalist types, and he and Clooney occasionally have a pleasant, Hope-and-Crosby—style chemistry.

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If you want a sliver of what it is like to work in such an environment, read this book. The only thing that has changed in the last 20 years is the level of government regulation. Oct 08, Shreyans Doshi rated it really liked it. Really good read to know how big players manipulated everything to fill their pockets. Quite detailed information on different events and culture of wall Street. It becomes repetitive after some chapters though.

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May 01, HGS rated it liked it. A bit too breezy and light for my taste, likely due to the authors brief 2y? Oct 13, Liam Polkinghorne rated it liked it.

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Easy read. Another book highlighting the greed of investment banks, the misuse of derivatives and the power of vested interests to ensure no adequate regulation is imposed. Dec 27, Nico rated it really liked it. It's not the first book I read on the subject. What Frank Partnoy does differently is explaining into the details how certain deals were made.

A lot of things sounded very familiar to me. Apr 14, Asher Abramson rated it it was amazing. An amazing insider look into how finance sales teams work. This book makes clear that derivatives are nuclear time bombs and should be treated as such - although few investors do.

Kweku Adoboli: a rogue trader’s tale | Financial Times

Jan 15, Rob rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction. Interesting, yet very much of its time. Plus, I remain thoroughly ignorant of how many of the deals worked, despite concentrating extremely hard. Mar 17, Yuekun Liu rated it really liked it. A story of a derivative salesman at Morgan Stanley. A closer look at industrial life. Another great read of the current financial situation. Not crisis. This one is set earlier than the whole subprime fisaco pun intended and relates more to the derivative markets and the overall mindset of the bankers who, along with the sheeple of America and the greedy traders and financial 'experts' around the world, led us to the situation we all face now.

Personally, as a stock and commodities broker with a large Wall Street firm back in the late 80's, I found the mindset of these Another great read of the current financial situation. Personally, as a stock and commodities broker with a large Wall Street firm back in the late 80's, I found the mindset of these folks beyond scary and truly reprehensible. I shouldn't have. I should have felt no surprise, nothing but perhaps sad. For some reason, though, I assumed that bankers that operated on the level of these folks - people trusted by huge corporations and governments for the advice they gave - would be more honest and feel and take responsibility.

I often find I am still naive. They created financial instruments that circumvented laws put in place to ensure public money was safe. That's bad enough - but then the products they created, largely bets, were constructed in such a way that there was little chance the bets would be successful.