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This comprehensive new introduction looks at spiritual experiences from past to present, from the experiences of the founders of the major world religious.

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The adult male's wings are dull purple above, while the females are pale blue. On the underside of the wings, both sexes are a brownish grey with spots and bands of orange or orange-red. The edges of both sides of the wings are black and metallic green. The hindwing has a very prominent rounded black spot edged in orange-red and the veins are shaded with brown-black.

The habitat requirements of the bulloak jewel are complex. It requires a single species of tree, bull oak Allocasuarina luehmannii , an undescribed ant, Anonychomyrma sp. Only older trees appear to be used by the bulloak jewel as these are riddled with the xyloryctid moth tunnels which encourage nesting colonies of the ant and provide shelter sites for the nocturnal butterfly larvae. The bulloak jewel has a very restricted distribution and is only known from several small patches of habitat west of the Darling Downs near Leyburn and Goondiwindi.

It originally occurred at Mt Emlyn near Millmerran, but has not been seen there since Since , the bulloak jewel has been confirmed through specimen collection at two sites; Ellengowan Nature Refuge and Bendidee National Park. Additional sightings have been reported south-west of Cecil Plains but are yet to be confirmed. The bulloak jewel appears to have a mutual relationship with the ants. The species has been recorded to aggregate about bull oak trees occupied by the attendant ant during spring and late summer-autumn.

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The ant is thought to provide necessary protection for the butterfly larvae from parasites and predators, including wasps and spiders. In return the ant earns nutritious secretions containing sugars and perhaps more importantly, amino acids produced by glands on the caterpillars back. The bulloak jewel likely lays its eggs on branches of the bull oak trees only when the particular ant is present. The ants attend eriococcid scale insects and the intense ant activity associated with the scale may attract pregnant female butterflies, which settle and then crawl on the host plant Dunn and Kitching ; Greenslade The larvae shelter during the day in holes formed by xyloryctid moth larvae normally in the upper branches of the bull oak trees.

Males perch at heights of m on the bull oak trees or sometimes on foliage of adjacent trees. Females may be found lower in the canopy approximately 5 m where ant density is high. They perch with wings closed or partially opened in a characteristic V-shape and remain perched for extended periods.

Apocalyptic madness, pirates, Apocalyptic madness, pirates, blues music, murder, and steampunk are just a little of the wonders you'll uncover in these pages. Strange and beautiful, action-packed and deadly, lovely and romantic, View Product.

When and how to use Bull Call Spread and Long Call Butterfly?

After the Crash. Oh, and ask Butterfly: notebook: 8. Beautiful butterflies grace the coversThis butterfly notebook is perfect to take with you on the Beautiful butterflies grace the coversThis butterfly notebook is perfect to take with you on the go and is conveniently sized at 8.

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The cover has a trendy matte finish and the interior is comprised of high quality. Butterfly Power. A true story of an ordinary Anglo-Indian girl, Gabriela, with an extraordinary faith in God. Her life is one big emotional roller coaster. Right from the tender age of five, she is confronted with one challenge after the other-from a broken Butterfly Way B-Tao. Call Me Crash. Few people would consider the department store business to be a dangerous profession. Providing the price of the underlying security is somewhere between these two points at expiration, or at any time prior to expiration then if you want to close your position earlier, the strategy will be in profit.

Where these break-even points lie will depend on the strikes used and the net debit paid for establishing the position. There's a formula you can use to calculate these break-even points, which you will find further down the page along with an example of the bull butterfly spread. Your losses are limited to the upfront cost.

Key Points

You'll lose this amount if the price of the underlying security doesn't go up enough for any of the options to finish in the money, because all the contracts will expire worthless. You will also lose the amount if the price of the underlying security goes up too high, above the highest strike of the calls you bought. When this happens, any returns you make from the calls owned will be offset by the liabilities of the ones written, so the initial investment will be lost. This strategy gives a very high return on investment if you manage to accurately forecast where the price of the underlying security will be at the time of expiration.

You can make a decent profit using it, and the upfront cost is low compared to many other bullish trading strategies. The potential loss is limited to the upfront cost, so you know exactly how much you stand to lose at the outset.

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The spread is flexible so that you can use to it to profit from any specific price that you believe the underlying security will reach, whether it's a small price increase or a large price increase. It isn't without its disadvantages though. For one thing, for the spread to return a decent profit you do need to be very accurate with your forecast. This is fairly difficult to do for most traders, so you will need to be very skilled in this respect if you want to consistently make money with this strategy.

Lemonade founders to open Bull & Butterfly

Because of the number of transactions involved, this strategy also incurs higher commission fees than many others. Below is a theoretical example of the bull butterfly spread in use, and what the outcome will be in some different scenarios. This example isn't intended to be a precise illustration, because it uses hypothetical options prices, but rather a simple overview to provide an idea of how it works.

No commission costs have been taken into account. The calls in Leg A and Leg C will expire worthless.

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