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This comprehensive new introduction looks at spiritual experiences from past to present, from the experiences of the founders of the major world religious.

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This comes as no surprise, as both online and brick-and-mortar shops necessarily rely on Facebook and Google as primary online retail marketing spaces. Most other publications are forced to use Google ads, providing far less revenue to the retailer, slashing their audiences. Ads on social media platforms are well-placed since they make use of the mountain of user-data their algorithms can then analyze. The same holds true for articles and other news content on Facebook. This should come as no surprise, as we already know shoppers have higher demands than ever from a retail purchase , particularly when it comes to order fulfillment.

Stuff like free 2-day shipping, same-day delivery, and in-store pickup are default settings, and retailers worldwide struggle to keep up. Very few owners operate with the warehousing and supply chain capabilities of Amazon or Walmart. Still, with the right strategies, technologies, and partnerships usually including Amazon , some retailers can offer services such as same-delivery to their customers.

The percentage of retail sales online has registered a steady growth both in value and in the number of goods and services in offer. While ecommerce accounted for only 7. This steady trend is a strong indicator for businesses to shift their marketing efforts online.

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By , the share is expected to rise even more, up to Offers from top online retailers such as Amazon Prime have made two-day shipping standard procedure, so cutting down on shipping time is vital for any ecommerce business looking to stay afloat. Importantly, this trend is set to continue well into , as brands evaluate new ways to differentiate themselves from an increasingly saturated crowd.

With access to communities and boutique offerings matching their unique, niche tastes, young urban consumers have developed a discerning consumption perspective. For these guys, the very act of shopping, from interacting with physical merchandise, to pampering from store personnel — represents an experiential journey. In many ways the culminating act, or making a purchase, is an expression of teen-like distinctive identity. While digital natives, such as Bonobos, Casper, Glossier, and Warby Parker all began online, many others are launching and expanding their physical presence.

It would be a product pick-up and replacement stop, and in the case of the fashion industry, a try-on. Retail sales revenue data indicates that it pays to shop locally.

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  • This is why checking out the local boutique is often a better idea than driving to the mall and funding huge corporate chain stores. The desired tools include mobile devices for looking up customer profiles and recommending products, and access to online channels for tracking down the product online, and then in-store. This approach is quickly becoming standard practice for large retailers, such as Walmart and Lowes, with pre-existing physical infrastructure and significant financial assets.

    This stat can be used by online businesses to improve their performance. And offline stores can also improve by bringing products closer to the customers. That can be done by using emerging technologies like AI and virtual reality. Walmart is the most popular store in the US.

    More than half of all shoppers in the country visit a Walmart location in a given month.

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    • No other store can claim a majority of Americans as customers. Walmart may be synonymous with discounts and bargains on everything from toilet paper to tempeh, but keep in mind that it began as a humble five and dime store in Benton, Arkansas. The numerous visitors shop in 11, Walmart stores and numerous ecommerce websites under 58 banners in 27 countries.

      A retail strategy that operates multiple channels can result in higher customer satisfaction. Customer presence in-store increases, as does the value of sales to ecommerce. According to Mobile Marketer retailing statistics, mcommerce sales are expected to surpass ecommerce sales this year. According to the Synchrony Retailer Mobile Apps study, over half of those who downloaded retailer app s did so in order to make use of an app-only coupon or discount. Sales Force got insights into shopper behavior based on research of over 2, US consumers. Increasingly, cloud, social, mobile, Internet of Things IoT , and AI are empowering customers to research and shop in new ways.

      Mcommerce is the biggest retail industry news. As eMarketer, the leading research firm forecasts, mobile commerce will account for In , The retail industry encompasses the journey of a product or service. This typically starts with the manufacturing of a product and ends with a purchase by a consumer from a retailer. Retail establishments come in many forms such as grocery stores, restaurants, and bookshops. Digitally native brands are making their mark on the brick-and-mortar landscape, set to open stores in the next five years, according to a retail sales report on over leading online retailers from commercial real estate firm JLL that was emailed to Retail Dive.

      Despite the common misconception that retailing is a dead-end industry, all retail statistics point to rapid and solid growth, at least throughout After that, economists expect some bumps in the road, especially as the ongoing trade war between the US and China continues and other events unsettle the global flow of goods. However, no matter which way you look at it, both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce retailers can look forward to growth potential in the short term. Many insightful retailing blog posts indicate Millennials seek and find brands they want, regardless of channel.

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      Of course, they prefer to shop online, but they also value experiences and will enter a store if it delivers something unique. Now, it is fast approaching a tipping point where more people will be spending money online with Amazon than with all other retailers combined. That percentage is an industry-wide average, an amalgamation of many different categories, the main argument to the online vs in store shopping issue. Still, even the existing tariffs may force retailers to evaluate whether it makes sense to exit certain categories if they cannot sell product profitably.

      Retail statistics suggest that the UK and EU face many of the same challenges throughout According to the findings of a Gartner report, more and more VCAs are implemented on mobile apps, websites, and social networks, to help businesses handle customer requests. The proliferation of VCAs is fueled by improvements in natural-language processing, intent-matching capabilities, and machine learning. Because data scientists, like AI researchers, are so in demand, they often command extremely high salaries.

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      Many small-time retailers are using third-party delivery services such as Lyft or Uber to stay competitive. Others choose to join Amazon and enjoy the many benefits the retail giant provides. The increasing need for instant gratification in most consumers demands same-day delivery solutions. They choose to live reasonably! The real rich aren't rich because of their incomes. Instead, they are rich because they save.

      They dress just like the rest of us. They shop at the same stores you and I shop at and enjoy saving a buck just like we do. This impresses me. This level of wealth, enabled by a reasonable lifestyle, is what impresses this humble early retirement blogger. Today, when I see a Porsche struttin' down the road, I pity the driver. Is there a chance that the driver is already retired with a gigantic nest egg, making that car easily affordable?

      Sure, it's possible. But, it's also not likely. The Porsche, or BMW, or Mercedes, or Jaguar is usually just the beginning of what these high-income individuals spend money on. We see evidence of over-consumption everywhere. The weekend before that, a well-maintained red Ferrari sat in the gym parking lot as its owner worked out. At one point in my life, all this expensive machinery would have impressed me. But once I understood the reality of how true wealth interacts with expensive purchases , I came to realize something important:.

      The large majority of these people are in debt. Debt doesn't impress me. So many of these people need a high income just to maintain their high-consumption lifestyle. There is nothing enviable about finding yourself in a position where a high-income job is required just to make ends meet. I do not want these cars because they are financial nightmares, notoriously inefficient and a drain on my ability to quit the rat race. I realize now that drivers of expensive vehicles are generally not in a good financial position.

      Contrary to my petty high school thought process, these people are typically not truly rich. Instead, they lead destructive high-consumption lifestyles through a high income. In the end, I've learned that rich people are not rich because of high yearly incomes or reckless consumption. They invest.

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      They live responsibly. Only by carving out think time and reflection can we actually understand, in an entirely different context, the actions we take. It forces the consideration of core significant and pending decisions, outside of cursory overviews and immediate response….

      Reflection is the deliberate act of stepping back from daily habits and routines without looming and immediate deadline pressures , either alone or within small and sequestered groups. Even if we can agree on the value of think time, we still regard it as a luxury. It is at the core of what allows a business to thrive.

      Reflection in effect expands our perspectives and thus reveals to us more options and that gets to the heart of what leadership is all about. The point is to make the unseen seen so we can act on it.

      We wind up shuttered in our ability to think about possibilities. Recognizing the need for reflection and actually doing it are two different things.