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Kurogasa provokes Kenshin to a duel by kidnapping Kamiya. Afterwards, Kenshin was dragged into a gambling den by Sanosuke. There they learned that one of Sanosuke's gammbling buddies is dead because of opium use. Suddenly, Takani Megumi bursts in, asking for Kenshin's protection from the private army of Takeda Kanryu, for something that has to do with opium. Kenshin takes Takani Megumi back to Kamiya dojo with him after he saved her from Takeda Kanryu's bullies tried to kidnap her in order to get the formula to Spider's Web, which has the same effect as ordinary opium, but easier to process and cost a lot less.

Kenshin was determined to help her because she was fooled by Kanryu into making Spider's Web. Takani Megumi is the daughter of the Takani family of Aizu honored for its achievements in medicine. She was separated from her family during the Aizu War and came to Tokyo as assistant to a doctor. That doctor, however, was working with Kanryu to sell a new form of opium. Captured upon the doctor's death by Kanryu, Megumi was forced to continue producing the new opium, she being the only one familiar with its production.

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Feeling that the others can't her and that she can't escape from opium, Megumi left a letter for the group that she has returned to Aizu. In reality, she returned to Kanryu's palace and tried to kill him. Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Yahiko went to the palace to save Megumi. When Kanryu's private army was defeated by the group, Kanryu tried to buy off Kenshin, but of course Kenshin had no interest in it. That's good news to Aoshio, head of Kanryu's elite force, the Oniwabanshu, as a fight with Kenshin is what the battle-hungry Aoshi would like most of all.

The volume ends with Kenshin face to face with a tough competitor Han'Nya, who is a member of Oniwabanshu ninja led by Shinomori Aoshi. Nishiwaki is trying to force marriage on Megumi so that he can rightfully own the dojo. Kenshin comes into the picture and helps them. In the end, he leaves the group as a rurouni wanders and he has places to go.

Rurouni Kenshin: Volume 4 - Dual Conclusions:. The volume continues with the confrontation between Kenshin and Han-nya. Near defeat, Han-nya disclosed that he was born in a poor family in which he was meant to die due to poverty. Aoshi took him in and he became his top spy. He burned his face so he can be faceless in order to disguise himself in appearance. Han-nya pledges loyalty to Aoshi for his second chance in life.

After the defeat, the group met Shikijo, who Sanosuke volunteered to fight with so Kenshin can go on ahead to save Megumi. Aoshi gave him medicines that made him stronger than ever, and he's loyal and grateful to him. With some major difficulty, Sanosuke finally beat Shikijo. At last, Kenshin meets up with Aoshi, who was waiting for him.

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Aoshi was found to be very hard to beat as Kenshi almost lost to him. But in the end, Aoshi lost and Kenshi told him that Aoshi should live so that he can defeat him later on.

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He found a gatling gun which shoots out bullets in one minute and interrupted Kenshin and Aoshi's fight. At this time, all four of Aoshi loyal fights all went to look for Aoshi to support him. One by one, each sacrificed his life for Aoshi and died under Kanryu's gatling gun. Kenshin finally stopped his madness and grounded Kanryu. At last the battle was over and Sanosuke stopped Megui's attempt to end her life just in time.

The group did not reveal to the police what Megumi did and the police found Kenshin more believable than Kanryu regarding Megumi. Once the racket died down, they found that Aoshi has escaped through a secret passage and now Aoshi has something else to live for. This volume includes 3 Acts on Bonus Story: Yahiko's Battle, in which Yahiko works in a restaurant without the others' knowledge. Watching from aside, Kenshin told the others that Yahiko needs to fight his own battles, unless he calls for their help.

Rurouni Kenshin. Vol. 15, The great man vs. the giant : Meiji swordsman romantic story

Yahiko gets beat up but then returned to Kamiya's dojo and asked Kenshin for tips on fighting a group at once, without telling him why he was asking. Isurugi then challenged Kenshin to a fight, and Kenshin became the first person to ever escape Raijuta's "secret sword". Kenshin becomes suspicious of Raijuta's overpowering strength, as it is too great for a mere dojo challenger. After the defeat, Raijuta invites Kenshin to join "Shinko-ryu", a school dedicated to cleaning out the modern "weaker" swordsmanship and the revival of the traditional Japanese kenjutsu..

Kenshin refuses as he does not want to kill people. As it turns out, Yutaro doesn't even know how to hold a sword properly, and instead received a swordmanship lesson from Kaoru. When four men sent by Raijuta was easily defeated by Kenshin, Yutaro begins to realize how good Kenshin really is.

The story continues with Yutaro's training at Kamiya's dojo. The group finds that Yutaro is really talented with the sword. As he was telling the story, the "honorable" Raijuta attacked Kenshin from behind in the dark. Enraged, Kenshin vowed to avenge Yutaro and defeated Raijuta even with his injured arm and leg. During the meeting with his old camrade, Sano realized that Tsukioka still wants to carry on the dream of Captain Sagara and plans on an attack on the current government.

Sano joins Tsukioka without telling the others because he knows they would try to stop him. Right before they broke into the Internal Affairs building, Kenshin appears and stop the two. Sano realizes that Kenshin is right and talks Tsukioka out of his plan. This was Watsuki's debut work. The boy, Isshinta, is a farmer boy who was drafted to fight in a war for Kitakata. Instead of giving up on Princess Natsu and intending to die in the war, Hiko defeated Iwano Hirosaki and sought after the Princess.

What kind of annoyed me was that Isshinta was crying throughout the whole story. First of all, this is the best volume so far, in my opinion. I'll tell you why later. A police, named Fujita Goro, beat up Sanosuke badly during combat, and the group was shocked to find the dojo and Sano in such poor shape. Kenshin suspected that it was the doing of someone from the past and sure enough, Kenshin was lured to fight, but instead, with Akamatsu Arundo, who was no match for Kenshin.

Upon returning to the dojo from the fight, Kenshin finds Fujita Goro in Kamiya dojo, waiting for him. Fujita Goro reveals to Kenshin to be Saito Hajime, former officer of the revolutionary Shinsengumi, and now a spy sent by the police to test Kenshin's fighting abilities.

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With their 10 year dual overdue, Saito wants to kill Kenshin, instead, and he brought out the hitokiri in Kenshin. Karoru tries to stop Kenshin from going, but Okubu is assassinated in broad daylight by one of Shishio's men. Kenshin sets out to Kyoto, saying goodbye to only Kaoru. Saito is a formidable opponent, and the fighting is so intense that Kenshin actually wanted to kill Saito, which is against his own vow not to take anyone else's life.

Lastly, this is the first time that we actually see that Kenshin and Kaoru really cared for each other.

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His cloak originates from the American comic book series Spawn. As one of his favorite characters, Watsuki wanted to use Hiko more often, but because he is more powerful than Kenshin, it was too difficult to find a place to use him in the story.

This reticence left Kiyosato unaware of her thoughts, and—thinking that he needed to please her with greater accomplishments—made him join the Kyoto Mimawarigumi. Later when she tries to thank him, she witnesses him kill an assassin sent to kill him. He asks her to promise to forget what she saw and leave, but instead she starts to work at the inn and the two develop feelings for one another.

But Kenshin reveals to Tomoe that he does not want it only for appearance sake, and the two get married. With his senses impaired, Kenshin is unable to see her until it is too late, and delivers a fatal blow to his opponent and to her with the same slash of his sword. Even though the plot for the "remembrance episodes" was already set before serialization started, which was three and a half years before her debut, Watsuki had no model for Tomoe other than a "super beautiful woman whose intent was unclear" or put simply "cool beauty. The author said he did not realize that because cool beauties do not show emotion, once she revealed her true feelings in the end, she become a completely different character.

He also pointed out that her death is the same as Yumi's. Watsuki said he not only regretted what he made her into, but was also "disgusted with himself. She tries to push the relationship between Kenshin and Kaoru since it seemed it to her that it was not working. Watsuki originally created Tae as a plot convenience during Sanosuke's first appearance and he intended for Kaoru to patronize a restaurant operated by "a good friend.

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As the story progressed Watsuki found himself adding additional details such as her family name, her status as the daughter of the owner of Akabeko , and her collecting of nishiki-e paintings. He said that Tae was his first character to evolve in this manner and he would like it to continue to surprise himself. The author said he used "no thought" while creating Tae, including a lack of planning in her character design, which originates from a rejected model for Kenshin with a prototype Kenshin hairstyle colored black and a "softer, female" face.

Tae has no lipstick so she would be easily distinguished from Megumi. Watsuki originally intended for Tae to have a Kansai dialect and had an assistant from the Kansai region vet the dialog, but Watsuki ultimately rejected the idea after he felt the concept was becoming too strange. Watsuki said that he did not have a specific model for Tsubame's personality. The concept of "a young girl being a young man's motivation to act" introduced her as the heroine.

The author used Tsubame as a "testament" of the "wrong thinking of a previous age" and gave her a manner that contrasts with Yahiko's "acts-before-he-thinks" manner.