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Part of the joy of getting to the reunion was Pauline's face lighting up and her warm love for me and my family. I always knew Pauline loved me. She had that enviable, genuine, comfortable way that made you know you were safe around her.

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I can't wait until that Great Burridge Reunion in heaven; when we get to see everyone, George, Hannah, Thomas, Theol, and everyone else we miss so much! Dear Paula, I am so sorry to hear about your mother passing. I didn't know until just now. If you need anything, to talk, a hug, whatever, let me know. Dear Paula: I'm so sorry to hear about your dear mother passing.

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  • COLD CASE: The disappearance of Annie Laurie Hearin?
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I just wanted you to know how many fun memories I have of her and your fun birthday parties! I often talk about them with my kids. I had so much talking and hugging you this summer at Walmart, what a fun surprise to see you! I will always love you and consider you just like a sister.

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I hope you and your family find peace in the memories of your dear mom! Love, Lisa Osmond. Dear Ransom Family, I remember when I was young, going to Aunt Pauline's and having her tell me stories about the indians at the creek that used to pass through her back yard. I loved her stories. I was always grateful that she shared the books in her basement with me.

I always thought she was one of the prettiest ladies I ever saw. I bet she's having a wonderful reunion with family members who have been anxiously waiting on the other side. Obituary Send Flowers. Read More. Guest Book.

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Not sure what to say? When she arrives in the desert nation of Tarakhar, volunteer teacher Cassie is abducted by evil men and offered as a dancer to a strange man. She attacks them in an attempt to escape, but they restrain her with their powerful arms.

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  4. The man she was given to is Sheikh Amir, a true king! When he learns of her situation, he promises to let her go, but she must pretend to be his mistress to ensure her safety.

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    As the two spend their nights alone together, Cassie finds herself drawn to the noble man, even though he already has a beautiful fianc? Vengeful Seduction: Harlequin Comics. Cathy Williams. Marry me if you don't want me to disclose it.

    Soon after her husband dies in a traffic accident, Lorenzo appears! He went to the U. He now offers to acquire Isobel's father's company, which is in financial difficulty! Is this his revenge? Desert Warrior: Harlequin Comics. Nalini Singh. I'll take you away and put you in the world's most beautiful cage!

    When she visits his desert homeland, he sweeps her away to his rose-colored palace, as promised. She dreams of reconciling her love for him, but will Tariq's heart want her back without knowing why she left him once before?

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    The Cinderella Solution: Harlequin Comics. Cathy Yardley. If you get proposed to within the next month, I'll give you a thousand dollars! She knew her best friend, Gabe, doesn't see her as a lady, but if he's going to make such a bet, she can't just take it lying down! Charlotte decides to get back at Gabe by dramatically transforming herself Capelli's Captive Virgin: Harlequin Comics. Sarah Morgan. While searching for her missing sister, Ruby, Lindsay visits the office of Alessio Capelli, where her sister was employed as his personal assistant.