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Norman Shealy read by Kerry Dukin A collaboration between a traditionally trained doctor and a medical intuitive that explores the connection between emotional dysfunction and physical illness. Discusses various ailments and the roles that stressors, a positive attitude, exercise, and other lifestyle choices play in maintaining health. Through the story of his own career and of the brave kids he has treated over the years—and their equally brave and tenacious parents—he reveals the revolution that is taking place in pediatric medicine. The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying DB 7 hours 11 minutes by Nina Riggs read by Kristin Allison Poet, blogger, wife, and mother of two young boys describes how her life changed after being diagnosed with one small spot of breast cancer at age thirty-seven in , and again when, within a year, the diagnosis changed to terminal.

The Vaccine Race: Science, Politics, and the Human Costs of Defeating Disease DB 19 hours 38 minutes by Meredith Wadman read by John Haag A journalist specializing in biomedical research politics details the major breakthroughs in cell biology and public health that have resulted in vaccines for conditions such as polio, rabies, chicken pox, measles, hepatitis A, shingles, and adenovirus.

Also discusses political roadblocks pioneering scientists have faced along the way. Using extensive interviews, details the murder of a black concertgoer by the Hells Angels security forces and the ensuing trial.

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Thanks a Lot, Mr. Born in London in , Daltrey began assembling the band while working at a factory in He shares stories of his life and bandmates, and takes a creative journey through the music they made.

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Unusual for his time, Cooke was determined to control his career. Covers his early years singing gospel with the Soul Stirrers, his string of pop hits, and the scandal surrounding his death. The author details his youth, his marriages, his development as an artist, and the stories behind some of his famous songs.

He also tells of the friends he made along the way, including Dolly Parton. Discusses his formative time at King Records, the founding of his own label, and how he helped dozens of famous acts make their break, including Madonna, Talking Heads, and Ramones. Descriptions of sex. My Love Story DB 8 hours 10 minutes by Tina Turner read by various narrators Legendary singer aims to set the record straight about her career and complicated personal life.

Covers her early life in Tennessee, her rise to fame with husband Ike Turner, her success as a solo artist, and the sometimes dark hours in between. Vaquita: Science, Politics, and Crime in the Sea of Cortez DB 7 hours 38 minutes by Brooke Bessesen read by Xe Sands Examination of the vaquita, a species of porpoise deemed the most endangered marine mammal in Discusses the fishing practices that have led to their near-extinction, diplomatic efforts between Mexico and the United States to save them, and efforts to create a breeding program.

A Million Fragile Bones DB 11 hours 6 minutes by Connie May Fowler read by Adrianne Flores A woman reflects on the grief and loss that dogged her life from childhood and the ways those losses influenced her healing connection to nature. Topics discussed include the evolution of bees, the symbiotic relationship between bees and flowers, interactions between bees and humans, and the future of bees. Decker and Jason T. Eberl read by Ryan Dalusung A multi-author collection of essays looking at philosophical questions brought up by the Star Wars film franchise. Four sections cover philosophical messages in the films, ethics examples, alien technologies and the metaphysics of The Force, and truth and faith in the galactic societies of the films.

Presented in the order in which they would have been encountered by her contemporary poets. The pieces examine the work of contemporary masters, younger American poets, celebrities and public figures, and more. Discusses what makes a poem or poet great or not. Scriptorium: Poems DB 1 hour 18 minutes by Melissa Range read by Julie-Ann Elliott The poems in this award-winning collection focus on the question of religious authority. The poems explore how religious ideas are both codified and challenged through writing and how language can be used or abused to claim religious authority. National Poetry Series.

She believes society is facing a spiritual crisis of disconnection and gives advice for belonging to something outside oneself.

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Hallowell read by Bill Wallace The psychiatrist author of Driven to Distraction DB discusses growing up in a family plagued by mental illness. His alcoholic mother, bipolar father and brother, and his own attention-deficit disorder all helped propel him into the field of psychiatry. Gmorning, Gnight! Little Pep Talks for Me and You DB 0 hours 49 minutes by Lin-Manuel Miranda read by various narrators The creator and star of the stage musical Hamilton has shared countless words of encouragement through his Twitter account for years.

This collection of some of his favorite daily greetings and affirmations is meant to inspire and comfort readers. He advises readers to find and share their talents, providing short profiles of individuals who found ways to use their gifts to make life better for others. Places Jesus in the political and religious context of first-century Palestine and discusses his teachings, relationship with God, death and resurrection, and central place in the Christian faith. Charles read by Gary Telles Nineteenth-century English translation of ancient Jewish religious text not commonly included in biblical canon.

Consists of five components. The first component relates a dream in which Enoch, great-grandfather of Noah, witnesses the fall of the Watchers—angels who fathered the Nephilim. Other apocalyptic visions are also conveyed. The Islamic Enlightenment: The Struggle between Faith and Reason, to Modern Times DB 16 hours 8 minutes by Christopher de Bellaigue read by Mark Ashby A journalist examines the political and social reformations that overtook the Islamic world in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The author discusses the intellectual centers of Cairo, Istanbul, and Tehran, the clash of religion with secular culture, nation-building, and counter reformation. Topics include the impact of plate tectonics and climate change on landscapes, the influence of topography on culture, and the new technologies that are revealing the mysteries of the ocean floor.

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Du Bois, and Angela Davis. Analyzes the insidious impact of racist ideas on government policies. Discusses how this social infrastructure strengthens neighborhoods, using global examples. Posits that strong social infrastructure aids in alleviating challenges of isolation, crime, education, addiction, and more. Nealy read by Gary Tipton A transgender social worker presents a guide for families to successfully navigate the challenges of raising a transgender child.

Discusses foundations for understanding, interactions with the wider world, and ways to support trans youths.

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Includes medical and legal information related to transitioning genders. Includes tooth-related stories from across American history, as well as a discussion of the practice of dentistry itself. Fundamentalism: A Very Short Introduction DB 6 hours 26 minutes by Malise Ruthven read by Joe Wilson Examines the causes and cultural impacts of the militant religious revivals that have occurred worldwide since the Islamic revolution in Iran. Identifies common traits of fundamentalist movements, such as the literal interpretation of holy texts, control of female sexuality, and a rejection of pluralism and church-state separation.

Discusses the ways the parallel, yet separate, struggles reached a crossroads that delayed full integration. Discusses the politics of intimate care and the ways race and gender can constrain people. Looks at why this record matters, and other significant baseball streaks. Details his life and career, including his partnership with manager Christy Walsh, and the media circus that followed his historic sixtieth home run in The pair met in when Mullally was acting in a play and Offerman was a carpenter working on the set. Despite differences, they overcame obstacles, married, and remain very much in love.


Covers the contributions and rivalries of the siblings, which culminated in Jack taking control of the studio. Winters read by Brian Hemmingsen A journalist examines the life and work of the award-winning playwright, actor, musician, poet, and novelist — Drawing from interviews and archives, covers not only his prolific and varied career, but also his difficult childhood and personal relationships.

After graduating college, Forsthoefel set out walking from eastern Pennsylvania to California. Recounts conversations he had, people he met, and adventures he experienced. Explores the changing nature of human connection in the twenty-first century. Mouse Ears for Everyone! Sections include pre-travel preparation, navigating the main Disney parks, and navigating auxiliary attractions such as the water parks, Disney Springs, and more. Features excerpts from diaries, letters, oral histories, and memoirs.

Abigail Adams: Letters DB 47 hours 38 minutes edited by Edith Gelles read by Eva Wilhelm A collection of letters, written between and , by Abigail Smith Adams — , wife of the second president of the United States and the mother of the sixth. Offers engaged commentary on the Revolution and the emergent American nation as well as everyday life in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Hickey read by Mark Ashby Collection of more than one hundred writings that capture the ideologies of the time and provide firsthand accounts of the War of from various participants, both famous and lesser known.

Linton Over a hundred writers highlight the legacy of the great president. Discusses how the West rose and fell, its ongoing legacy of cowboy culture, key figures of the period, the killing of millions of bison, cattle drives, and more. Also discusses several other battles in which the regiment fought. On April 29, , fire broke out at the Los Angeles Public Library and destroyed or damaged more than a million books.

Examines the evolution of public libraries while celebrating their value in society. Particularly discusses the ongoing struggles between America and Great Britain over trade and economic independence. Journeys: An American Story DB 10 hours 16 minutes by Andrew Tisch and Mary Skafidas read by Emily Ellet A collection of essays featuring the immigration stories of individuals and families from a variety of backgrounds. Includes many prominent American figures, such as a cabinet secretary who crossed the ocean as a child in a cargo ship and a boy who fled a violent home and became a celebrated football player.

Describes the fiery destruction that killed hundreds and the ensuing fifty-year battle for justice on behalf of Captain Charles McVay III, who was court-martialed for the sinking. Beckles read by Gregory Maupin An overview of the history of the island nation of Barbados. Examines colonization, the influences of the Amerindians, the sugar industry, the African slave trade, emancipation, the civil rights movement, the gaining of independence, nationalism, and more.

This volume covers the years through , beginning with Confederation. This volume covers the years from through the early twenty-first century. Explores the importance of walls in ancient civilizations, a thousand-mile-long wall in Asia, sieges of fortified cities, political conflicts centered upon walls, gated communities, and more. Also discusses the emergence of modern Lebanon in the s, the collapse of the Ottoman empire in , and more.

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Linton An account of the rescue of over , Allied troops trapped at the French port of Dunkirk. Includes interviews with veterans and survivors, and is told from the viewpoints of land, sea, and air. A Short History of Mozambique DB 9 hours 35 minutes by Malyn Newitt read by Jake Williams An account of the evolution of the country of Mozambique, beginning with its early modern origins in the Indian Ocean trading system and Portuguese maritime empire.

Discusses, among other things, the fifteen years of civil war that followed independence and subsequent efforts for peace. Branded by the Pink Triangle DB 2 hours 52 minutes by Ken Setterington read by Jon Pinnow Mix of historical research and first-person accounts highlights the decline of tolerance toward homosexuals in Berlin, Germany, and their brutal persecution after the Nazis rose to power. Discusses the pink triangle sewn into their prison uniforms for identification.

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