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This comprehensive new introduction looks at spiritual experiences from past to present, from the experiences of the founders of the major world religious.

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An experiment, three special children A ruthless company A ruthless company dominates the planet and has a secret that people should not know Begins the rebellion Episode 1 of 3. Adventure and Action comic. Cryslin Origins Chapter 1. A young warrior named Shulu is given a power at birth greater than any before A young warrior named Shulu is given a power at birth greater than any before his time.

He possesses the power to become a god and the gift to control the destiny of new found warriors, who seek such power. Deadland Age of Violence Episode 1 of 3. The adventures of a man woke up after the catastrophe of a new world war, The adventures of a man woke up after the catastrophe of a new world war, in a destroyed and desolate land, in the age of violence. With a mix of humor, recollection and insight, Deus ex Comica explores how the Marvel With a mix of humor, recollection and insight, Deus ex Comica explores how the Marvel Comics stable of titles influenced Adam's pre-teen and adolescent years, his rediscovery of sequential art as an adult, and the pleasure of watching his own Da'wa: Invitation to Discover Peace?

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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Product Details. Write a Review. Related Searches. Story arc begins in Uncanny X-Men , November Fatal Attractions. Magneto returns more powerful and determined than ever, ripping the adamantium from Wolverine's bones and enraging Professor X. Colossus defects to Magneto's side. Story arc begins in X-Factor 92, July It details the fallout from Charles Xavier's infamous mindwipe of Magneto and Magneto's ultimate defeat.

Phalanx Covenant. The Phalanx race attacks Earth. Generation X is founded in its aftermath. Lifesigns Excalibur vol.

Stolen Child

Legion travels back in time to kill Magneto, but accidentally kills his own father, Charles Xavier. A dystopian alternative timeline in which Apocalypse rules the world is created after Legion inadvertedly killed his own father. An Age of Apocalypse one-shot and miniseries to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the fan favorite event. Operation: Zero Tolerance. The story followed from the Onslaught Saga and focused on individuals within the United States government, including Bastion and Henry Peter Gyrich , and their attempts to use their positions to hunt down all mutants across the country.

The X-Men attempt to find the location of Professor Xavier, who has been missing ever since the authorities arrested him in the wake of the Onslaught Saga disaster. The charismatic, mutant, subversive known as Magneto as made his return known and sends his robot Ferris to the UN to announce that he's created another electromagnetic pulse, and that it will not stop until Magneto's given a mutant sanctuary on Earth. Joseph is revealed as a clone of Magneto and gives his own life to stop Magneto attack who at the end is given the island-nation of Genosha to appease his plans for the advancement of Homo Superior.

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Limited series titled Magneto Rex followed that. Apocalypse emerges once more, along with a mysterious prophecy of 12 powerful mutants capable of destroying him. Eve of Destruction. A cure for the Legacy Virus has been released, providing Magneto with a brand new army of healthy mutants ready to wage a final battle against humanity. This serves as a finale to the more traditionalist, old-school X-Men storylines leading to a reorganization of the X-Men titles. Messiah CompleX.

The birth of the first child with the X-gene since Decimation sparks a race between the X-Men , the Marauders , the Acolytes , the Reavers , the Purifiers , and Predator X to see who will find the child first.

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Bishop turns rogue in an attempt to assassinate the child who he believes will cause his dystopian future to occur. New X-Men vol. Learning that Bishop was after Cable and the first mutant born since House of M, Cyclops had Beast develop time travelling devices so Cyclops could send his secret wetworks team, X-Force consisting of Wolverine, Warpath , X , Domino , Vanisher , Archangel and Elixir , into the future after Bishop, hoping that they'll end the threat once and for all and the future of mutant kind will be safe in the hands of his son.

Unwilling to tolerate Osborn's evil scheme to harm her teammates, Emma Frost and Namor, the Sub-Mariner, plot a coup against Osborn while Cyclops attempts to create a new safehaven for mutantkind by way of creating an island paradise. The once Black Queen of the Hellfire Club brings forth a new Inner Circle of deadly mutants as well as a new threat to the entire mutant population as she sets her plan into motion of becoming a goddess.

Second Coming is the final part of a trilogy of stories that began with Messiah Complex and continued in Messiah War. Intended as a conclusion to Cable 's efforts to save Hope from Bishop , who has hunted the so-called Mutant Messiah since her birth; the series also builds on the Utopia , Nation X and Necrosha storylines of in the X-Men books. The story centers on the return of Cable and Hope Summers to the present day and Bastion 's final campaign to destroy the X-Men. The conclusion of the story leads to a number of new launches.

Dawn of Mankind 1

Curse of the Mutants. Vampires from around the globe descend on San Francisco to claim the city as their own, causing the X-Men and Blade to team up to stop them. Reality has changed, Earth was replaced by a world where the X-Men never came to be, mutantkind has been hunted to extinction, the few remaining mutants band together to make their last stand. After a mutant-triggered international incident, anti-mutant hatred hits new heights.

It's at this moment, when the mutant race needs most to stand together, that a split begins that tears apart the X-Men. Regenesis : Following the schism among the members of the X-Men, Cyclops and Wolverine start recruiting their teammates; some members of the X-Men leave with Wolverine, while part of the team stays in Utopia with Cyclops. Cyclops' team will become a peacekeeping force, while Wolverine will take on the headmaster role at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

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Billions of years ago, the Celestials created an unimaginable horror and, in realizing their error, locked it away in the space between realities. However, with all the constant travelling between realities by the worlds' heroes and villains, the barriers between realities have become weak. With the monsters released and threatening the entire multiverse, it falls to three teams from different realities to find a way to stop the monsters and save all of creation.

The X-Men of the future travel to the present in order to force the All-New X-Men back to their own time, but things get complicated when another group of future X-Men arrives. Stryfe returns to the present and manipulates Hope into killing Bishop. Stryfe wants Bishop to suffer after he betrayed him during Messiah War and claims that he was imprisoned and tortured by Apocalypse for years until he planned a successful escape and killed him.

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Cable and both teams of X-Force soon intervene and defeat Stryfe. The Trial of Jean Grey. Without the aid of his healing factor, Wolverine fights a losing battle to the death as he looks back on his life.

The mini series is preceded by Three Months to Die in Wolverine vol. Apocalypse Wars. This "thematic crossover" will involve the three X-Men titles and but will not intertwine, instead each will contain a story arc related to Apocalypse.