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Download our latest infographic, to see how young professionals are affecting the alcoholic beverage industry. We have worked with qSample on several projects since January and have been delighted with the services they have provided. They are very accessible and responsive to our requests and are able t We use qSample when we need to get quick answers to complicated questions regarding consumers, our brand and the markets we work in.

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We have also been pleased with Managing the nine separate reader panels of our magazines was a bit overwhelming before qSample, but they've greatly simplified the process in all areas. Our client was thrilled with the results and is planning on expanding their research scope significantly next year. I highly recommend them for assisting with your survey projects. We now have a growing research panel and have increased the efficiency, appeal, and response rate of the surveys we implement. The qSample customer service has been wonderful. After working with the team from qSample, we decided to move all our survey research to online, and now we are able to conduct research fast, less expensive, and with more accurate samples than ever.

I've worked with the qSample team for several years now and I would highly recommend them for being responsive, innovative and flexible. As we have completed projects with qSample, they have consistently helped us improve the projects and streamline the processes involved.

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Is the website reliable and up to date? Check to see if the author is identified and sources are cited. Government sites ending in. Established news-related sites are OK, too, but be sure that you're using the original source. If a newspaper article mentions another source, like an organization or website, go directly to that source to find the information. Sites ending in.

They can be good resources, but it's always best to check with your teacher to make sure he or she considers the site appropriate. At most schools, using Wikipedia as a source is not a good way to build credibility. On commercial websites ending in.

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If it does, it may be biased since it's trying to sell a product. And blogs, personal websites, and social media sites like YouTube, Digg, Tumblr, Pinterest, or Facebook are more likely to give personal opinions rather than facts. Search smart. Start with an established search engine, like Google or Bing. Although search engines often do a good job of guessing what you need, you will get better results when you use more specific terms.


Try alternative searches with different words and use search operators, symbols, or advanced search to narrow your results. If you want to learn more ways to improve your searches, ask your teacher or librarian for guidance. Many search engines are paid to place certain results as advertisements. Sometimes these ads show up at the top of the search result page.

  • Entre deux verres (Cal-Lévy- R. Pépin) (French Edition).
  • The Missing Persons Guide to Love;
  • Created for researchers ⁠— by researchers.

The ads will look different from the regular results appearing on a shaded background, for example and should be clearly marked as ads. Even when the top results aren't ads, they still might not be the best possible choices.

  • Market research made easy with new online tool.
  • Blood Orange: A Mystery (A Jaymie Zarlin Mystery);

That's why it helps to know the best sites for your needs point 2 above. Stay focused. When you're ready to check out websites or go to search engines such as Google, stay focused on your research by logging off of social media and email and turn off your phone! If you need to take a break, make a note of where you are before you walk away from your computer.