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This comprehensive new introduction looks at spiritual experiences from past to present, from the experiences of the founders of the major world religious.

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The mere mention of the film brings chills to this day. For me it was The Legend of Hell House. Britain dominated the making of low budget B grade horror films in the sixties and seventies, Hammer Films being the most prolific and well known. I can still remember the morning I first watched the film.

Painting the town red

It was August the second, or Our house had just been tpeed, with over rolls of toilet paper. It was a grey day, where it feels like it's constantly twilight or dawn out, you just can't tell; wet and humid, where your clothes stick to you no matter what you do. We spent hours and hours cleaning. When we cleaned up as much as we could, I was so exhausted I just came in the house and sat on the couch and turned on AMC. The Legend of Hell House was just starting. I don't know if it was just the exhaustion or the subject matter, but this movie freaked me out beyond belief. Weird possessions, mysterious deaths, nothing really scary, just the feeling of the whole.

The movie come through my mental barriers and has forever haunted me. Therefore, a film, albeit imaginary, but of the same school, thought to be actually possessed by the devil doesn't seem that far fetched to me as I think back to that fateful day in August.

Paul Magrs

Paul was able to use his story to tap into my preexisting fears to create a delicious and scary read. While I was curled up in a comfy chair on a hot August day, I was also on that lumpy couch with my clothes plastered to me watching The Legend of Hell House for the first time. While I've enjoyed and loved Paul's writing in the previous Brenda and Effie books, I had never felt so connected with his writing as I was with Hells Belles.

You could feel his love of this tacky genre and it made the book shine. He created something magical and luckily I was just drawn into the pages of a book, not into a quarry in Wales in the sixties. Everything else was just icing on the cake. The introduction of new characters, from Penny Danby that last name is so going to be important , the run away housewife Goth, to Michael, the mysterious Irish lad, to Karla the unaging vamp and the thrift store ladies who have other things in mind than "saving the kiddies. Claus's secret, which has been building up and hinted at for quite some time, to the return of someone instrumental to Brenda's past.

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If possible I would like to be able to knit while gaming with a side of a book with a BBC miniseries on in the background and a cat in my lap. We end up having tea and cake in just the kinds of cafes that my spookhunting elderly ladies would do.

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Most evenings in Whitby for us wind up in the hotel on the West Cliff that feels most like the Christmas Hotel in the books. I see my little visits as a chance to soak up the atmosphere again and to charge my creative batteries once more with the Whitby vibes. Familiar voices of characters I know pretty well by now After seven years at the University of East Anglia teaching English literature and creative writing, he now lives in Manchester and lectures part time at Manchester Metropolitan University.

He devotes the rest of his time to writing and has published fiction for both adults and children. Complimentary wine and nibbles will be available and Paul will be signing copies of his books.

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