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And in addition, they are very good technicians; a good team is one of the keys to success. For the filming equipment, all the technical equipment we used was from Greece, except for the camera, in order to respect a certain balance between France and Greece; we should have some French expenses. That's why we brought the camera and its accessories from France, and we worked with Greek electrical equipment and machinery. At what stage of post-production are you now? Why did you choose to make it in Greece? We finished editing images that we filmed in France.

Now we are at the stage of post-production that we are doing in Greece: sound editing, film design, mixing, color grading and music recording. We hope to present it at the Cannes Film Festival in May, time is running out, we have to be ready by the end of March because competition among the first films is fierce. It was our first co-production experience with Greece, with the Greek company Blonde, Fenia Cossovitsa who recommended excellent service providers in Greece.

Lecture: The Robot and the Witch—The Ancient Greek Quest for Artificial Life

We had a small amount of money, so we tried to optimize the allocation of resources, prices being cheaper in Greece than in France, so this economic issue also guided our choices. We tried to reach a certain balance. With Fenia, things went very quickly, she took decisions very quickly, very professionally, there was a lot of Greek money, since we had the support of the Greek Film Center for minority co-productions, we had the Franco-Greek mini-treaty, and perhaps we will have participation from Greek television. A relationship of trust was quickly established between us, things followed without a hitch as soon as the final green light was given.

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Fenia took care of the locations, found the technical team,she was the one who recommended the young Greek Photography Director, Konstantinos Koukoulios - it is his second film. All the important posts were occupied by Greeks. The financial aspect also played a big role because salaries and charges are lower in Greece; we could not have made the film in France with our budget. He told you about the new incentive law for filming in Greece. Have you been able to benefit from this financial aid?

Alas no, because filming took place before the voting on the bill. These are excellent measures, especially if Greece is in competition with other countries, for example, in case of footage shot in several countries. Thanks to these financial advantages, arbitration would be in favor of Greece.

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This remains an excellent initiative. Are you considering a subsequent production in Greece, another film with Basile? Why not? We can also consider the opposite with a Greek production and a French co-production, and a new collaboration with Blonde Audiovisual Productions. I do not know yet, I have made many round trips recently, and it was very nice. I enjoyed the hospitality of Greeks, tasted the savoury cuisine, especially with grilled fish and honoured ouzo, the famous local drink!

I enjoyed the sweetness of life in Greece! Back Recent Popular Archive. Could we approach it as a documentary? All rights reserved. Pantou, Kallithea , Greece. To Top. And what kind of questions do I expect and accept?

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Well, anything about the language! That includes pronunciation, writing, grammar, idiomatic expressions — you get the picture. This is not a translation service.

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If you have a phrase, or a sentence that you want translated for some reason, that sounds like a legitimate question to me, but for something that reaches the length of a paragraph there are online translation services that take care of such matters. In general, I reserve the right to deny answering any question that I deem outside the scope of the purpose of this page.

If I decline to answer, your question is as if it was never asked above counters remain the same. As usual, it is right on. I love learning your language and I enjoy very much your explanations to my questions. They are always dead-on accurate and insightful.

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I also appreciate your expanded and detailed discussions as they relate to the mechanics of the language from from a native speakers' point of view. Your method offers a more of a comprehensive answer rather than simply just the answer itself. It is like taking a mini-class in Greek with you via computer. What do you think?


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