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It's been 22 years since Princess Diana 's tragic death.

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On August 31, , Diana died in a car crash in Paris and the world mourned her unexpected passing. Diana's sons, Prince William and Prince Harry , have a special tradition they follow each year to honor their mother's memory. According to the source, the brothers meet up and spend the day together every year, usually for lunch or dinner at Will's home and Harry's former home , Kensington Palace in London. After Will and Harry have had some time alone to reminisce about Diana and mourn together, their wives and kids are invited to join them to continue remembering the late royal.

10 Conspiracy Theories That Still Surround Princess Diana’s Death

Listening to Lady Di sing along is so much fun. It makes you want to get up and dance.

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She is the gem of the airways. The last two weeks of content are available on Radio Free America. No experience necessary.

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    Princess Diana - Death, Wedding & Family - Biography

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    Prince Harry will also follow in her footsteps when he visits Angola in September to highlight the plight of landmine victims — a cause the princess championed in the months leading up to her death when she famously walked through a cleared Angolan minefield. The crash that killed Diana also claimed the lives of her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their driver Henri Paul.

    The man who told Palace of Princess Diana's death- BBC News

    William and Harry were both pupils at Eton when their mother was killed and they would later, with other senior royals, walk behind her funeral cortege. She shunned the tradition of letting nannies do most of the child-rearing and made a point of being very involved.

    She was only 21 when she became a mum and she insisted on taking them on Royal Tours and being involved in school events.