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Known as a far-left radical, Rice's book advocates some of the most anti-America, anti-Christ, anti-Christian acts against America and Christians world-wide.

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The Hell-spawned hardened atheist advocates in his book the following crimes against Our Lord G-d and His followers, using his millions of Mammon-worshipping dollars gotten from pornography and homosexual tax exempt! Please, if you believe in G-d and decency and America, STAND UP and sign this petition and also ask everyone you know perhaps in a newsletter to sign the petition link above and force the profane Satan-written book, "Desert Soliloquy: A Perfectly Sane Misanthrope Hides in the Desert," off of the book shelves of America and back into the Shelves of Hell from whence it came.

Dear member of the Body of Christ, our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer the one and only Living G-d, It has come to my attention that there is a new "book" that is probably the most vile, the most blasphemous, the most evil anti-Christian and anti-life "book" written so far this century. Thank you Churches United for American Decency.

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Machen Sie das auch? Petition starten. Helena St. Kitts und Nevis St. What kinds of resources will writers find on your blog? LG: Writers will find suggestions about writing and marketing in my blogs, but I have full-length articles on my website. They cover subjects such as researching agents, critique groups, guidelines for first-time writers, self-publishing, writing tips, etc.

LH; In your novel, Desert Soliloquy , you keep the story grounded in the characters but at the same time, you weave in a lot of very current ideas about mining, industry, finances. How did you get up to speed on these topics? LG: My husband and Google. My two best friends. My husband has worked in both law enforcement and aerospace and really helped with the central plot in Desert Soliloquy.

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It might not be comfortable for some writers, but I love not knowing for sure what is going to happen next. My weekly critique group often has invaluable suggestions. LH: The setting for the story is in the desert, and I wonder if you used specific locales and buildings that you researched in the story?

I fell in love with Calico the first time my husband and I visited the town. I incorporated the historical facts in regard to Calico into the novel. Anyone visiting the ghost town will recognize the locations from Desert Soliloquy. I suddenly realized a woman was staring down at me.

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Apparently if you are sitting in the middle of the desert in a cemetery in the hot sun, on a laptop, you must be from LA. I explained I was from a small town thirty miles east of LA.

Finally available for purchase! My book, Desert Soliloquy.

I believe she was a bit disappointed. LH: A part of the novel hinges on development of a love triangle involving the heroine. She is not a twenty-something but a mature woman. Did you encounter resistance to using a mature woman in this plot? LG: Since the main character is a mature woman, the love triangle simply developed naturally.

Young readers need to know that mature love can be just as emotionally and physically passionate as young love. The relationships between the two young characters and the older characters provide a window into both worlds. LH: As in most suspense novels, sophisticated medical knowledge and weapons know-how were required to write the book.

How did you learn about these topics?

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LG: I wish I could say that I interviewed prominent doctors and military men, but the truth is, again, my resources were basically Google and my husband. LH: Did you have an agent? Tell us about publishing this book. Both had been agents for many years and were sure that they would have no trouble selling the stories. Unfortunately, it was when the economy began to go downhill, and neither could get anyone to read the manuscripts.

My agent for Desert Soliloquy was basically told that the companies she had successfully sold manuscripts to in the past were not reading work from new writers.

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Both agents have semi-retired, in the sense that they still represent their old clients but are not taking on new ones.