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By doing this, DavidsTea not only gives visitors an enjoyable shopping experience where they get more than they pay for. They also give visitors a way to try more products. The second example is from Man Crates. But notice how Man Crates have pre-written suggestions when you choose a receiver of your package in the drop-down:. The third most common reason people abandon checkout is due to a long or complicated checkout process. Some e-commerce sites, requires you to create an account to buy, whereas others offer guest checkout options.

I always recommend including a guest checkout option as creating an account may be too much of a commitment for first-time buyers. There are other ways to turn prospects into loyal customers without forcing them to create an account. We all know the importance of email marketing , right? Prospects who already made a decision to buy something, for some reason decided not to go through with it. This campaign had a conversion rate of And when you have their email, you can follow up with a well-written abandoned cart email to turn them into customers.

The number one reason people abandon their carts is unexpected costs, such as shipping. No matter how many shipping options you include, it needs to be easy to see the delivery date, the shipping method, and the cost of each shipping option. Once again, you can be creative with your copy, and evoke excitement in shoppers with your shipping.

Instead of asking visitors to choose a shipping option, they ask when the shipment should arrive. This takes away focus from the price and instead evokes a feeling of excitement in visitors when they choose when they would like to receive their order.

A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living by Emily Ley

One thing I like about shopping online is cookies. I know, I might be the only one in the entire world. But cookies enable online stores to personalize and simplify the shopping experience to a whole new level. Some websites use cookies to recognize returning customers and have their data pre-filled when they enter checkout again.

Take this example from ASOS who recognizes me as a returning customer.

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Your thank you page is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. The truth is, despite their best intentions, many business owners massively underuse their thank you page. Take this example from MeUndies :. Psst…you can read more about MeUndies amazing referral engine here. Having a loyalty program is a great way to encourage repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty. The best time to promote your loyalty club is right after a visitor has bought something from you.

With that in mind, consider adding a campaign to your thank you page and ask new customers to join your club.

Surveying your audience gives you greater insight into what makes your audience tick their goals, desires, pain points, etc. This will help you craft a highly-targeted marketing message which is both interesting and relevant to your audience. After all, people who just bought something have shown a high interest in your business and are more likely to answer a few questions. A good checkout experience is one that requires as little time and effort as possible—and is memorable.

What are the challenges you experience in checkout? Have you tried implementing one of the above checkout hacks? Leave a comment below. Rikke is Head of Email Marketing here at Sleeknote.

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Her expertise lies in copywriting, content marketing, and email marketing. More than one in four people in England 28 per cent do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week. Read the new strategy Towards an Active Nation. This strategy sets out how Sport England will continue to support them. Customers — the people who play sport and are active or who might be in future — will be at the heart of everything we do. We will be the single largest national investor in projects for people to whom sport and physical activity is a distant thought, or not even on their radar.

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We've been trialling approaches to tackling inactivity through its Get Healthy, Get Active programme since Run by less typical sporting partners like the mental health charity Mind , 33 pilots have so far been delivered. Have them send the email to you or to an accountability buddy a peer for a quick high-five. This should take no longer than five minutes and should be a protected, non-judgmental space to celebrate small wins, rather than a public showcase of accomplishments.

Sales activity metrics can be a great way to find small wins that demonstrate steps in the right direction.

You can look for improvements in overall sales activities: total number of calls made, demos booked, and prospecting emails sent. You can also find improvements in email metrics: open rate, clicks, reply rate, and reduction in email bounce rate. Motivate individual employees with the power of group dynamics, from public recognition to camaraderie to competition.

Do you acknowledge the entire sales team for their contributions and celebrate their successes in a way that the whole company can recognize them?

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For decades, researchers have found that a public display of appreciation can be more motivating than salary. Start a sales contest.

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Keep things fresh from contest to contest by changing the goals, length, and prizes. Measure results, post them publicly, and analyze them to determine which types of competitions deliver the best return on investment. In fact, nearly one-third of office workers report that they dislike team building activities. Yet a meta-analysis of studies spanning sixty years of research shows that team building does indeed have positive and measurable effects on team performance.

A. SaaS Homepage and Landing Page persuasive techniques:

With some forethought, you can plan activities that elicit more high fives than eye rolls and still fit your budget. The goal is to get your team to genuinely relax, have fun, and cultivate camaraderie in a natural way. As a leader, you model behavior and build relationships with each employee so you can help them develop and reach their highest potential. If your sales team is in a slump, are you echoing their worries and complaints out loud?

Are your actions reflecting a fear mindset, and are you taking fewer risks?


A key driver for motivation is feeling valued at work. The study found five top factors in making an employee feel valued:. Great sales leaders make it a priority to make a few sales calls each day side by side with their team for a period of time. Have a discussion with each of your teammates about their future career goals and help them set up a path to get there. Employees have competing responsibilities on their plates that make it hard to be productive, so your value-add as a sales leader is to help them prioritize. For example, take stock of all of the selling tasks a rep must perform one day and prioritize the three most important initiatives.

Allow them to optimize their schedules and focus on those three things for one week, or one month, so they can make more positive steps forward on key initiatives, get more small wins under their belts, and see their return on investment. Top sales leaders find ways to lighten their reps CRM responsibilities and work directly with marketing to help develop sales enablement collateral. Does your sales force have easy access to blog posts, case studies, videos, websites, and whitepapers? You can also invest in tools to simplify how collateral is stored; the average company stores its content in complicated ways, across five to six repositories on average, which reps find difficult to search.

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  4. Top performers like to feel challenged, but it takes a balance of challenging tasks and daily tastes of progress and success to keep a team motivated over the long-term and prevent burnout. If the goals assigned to a sales team are all too challenging, and even the top performers on your team are unable to achieve them, you are either not providing enough guidance and mentorship or the goals are simply not realistic.