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This comprehensive new introduction looks at spiritual experiences from past to present, from the experiences of the founders of the major world religious.

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We were all in it together. The violinist was lucky; the war ended a few months after he landed in Europe. Alongside actor Mickey Rooney and pianist Eugene List, he entertained wounded GIs in hospitals and barracks throughout a devastated Europe.

The Only Land Battle Fought on U.S. soil in WWII (Strange Stories)

Then history came calling. Canin and company were told to report to Potsdam. He thought a concert would help ease the tension. Not all of the performers were tapped for that historic occasion. Only Canin and List performed that day. The rifleman will also never forget watching the three titans arrive.

The concert began after dinner and they played again during breaks in negotiations.

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Then I was all right. As for the audience, Truman sat in the middle, Stalin on his left and Churchill on his right. When he saw the violin, he stood down. Much was at stake as those three giants sat on a love seat and let the music wash over them. Canin learned later that Truman found out about the atomic bomb tests during the Potsdam conference.

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The future of the world was hanging in the air. The violinist will never know exactly what impact the music had on the politics, but he knows it was his destiny to play his part. He has been playing since he was 5 and the instrument is simply part of him. She grows up on the East cost and marries a man whom owns a ranch in Utah or Nevada. She travels by train and is from money. She arrives in her hoop skirt but is quickly told by her husband to wear pants.

She had trouble adjusting to this new life where she rides horses and wears pants instead of being the lady she should be. She then learns how to garden in the dry west part of the country. After months of ranching with her husband. Her husband eventually falls ill from a sickness going on there.

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She tells her native american neighbor that she'll watch over the baby to ensure that he does not get the sickness his mother has. She kidnaps him. She then flees to PA and then to Europe.

The baby's father spends many years searching for his kidnapped son. The woman meets a man in Europe and leaves the baby she is hiding in the attic by the lake on their property. The baby is then found by neighbors who are gypsies. The gypsies then raise the baby. The woman has two more children, both girls who are friends with this kidnapped little boy. After the mom dies, the girls start unraveling what happened. One of the woman's children and the kidnapped boy now a man start a relationship What is this book, I'm loosing my mind?!

All help is appreciated! Oct 7, , pm.

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I've been trying to think of the title and author of this book for months. I've gone through lists of books by authors I usually read but can't figure it out. The book was 4 stories in one. It was based around two sets of sisters that are cousins. Each story is for each sister. The first story starts with one set of sisters coming west to live after the civil war. The older sister's husband died in the war. The late husbands best friend comes to live with them and of course the two fall in love and marry. The second story has the cousins, another set of sisters coming to live with them.

The older sister of this set ends up falling for the sheriff and they marry. The next story is the younger sister of the first set of sisters. She marries the rich guy in town after she lost a bet to him in a horse race. This guy was originally interested in the older cousin, but he was only interested in him because of his money. The last story is about the last sister. Her name was Meg I think but I can't remember what her story was. If anyone can please help me. It's driving me crazy.

Voices of the Pacific: Untold Stories from the Marine Heroes of World War II

Oct 8, , pm. Hope this helps! Edited: Oct 10, , am. I can't remember this title, or author! Published late 80s, early 90s. Setting: Scotland, s, the year leading to the second Jacobite rebellion, and right after. Marriage of Convenience between I think a Campbell woman and a rebellious highland clan. The eldest daughter was to marry the man, but she fainted at the alter, so the younger daughter married him.

The man she married was the only remaining son on the clan laird, who was a scarred, womanizing, jerkface. The woman stood out for being practical and smart; before marrying she demanded concessions like having soldiers periodically check on her to make she is ok. This has ramifications later because the English officer who checks on her becomes a friend, and she uses him to save her husband.

The woman ended up in the highlands at the castle, made friends with the old cook and her young maid, but lived separate from her husband who was sleeping with his father's redheaded mistress, Fiona?

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Eventually, they go to a highland wedding, the husband gets sucked into Bonnie Prince Charles' rebellion, and the wife returns to her father's estate. At that wedding the h beloved cousin is killed by the H's father. Eventually the rebellion fails, the wife finds the husband, her father captures him, he is sentenced to hang, and she uses Rob Roy I think? They sail to America.

Not a lot of sex, and a lot of historical detail, in the book. There are a lot of secondary plot points. I honestly remember almost everything except the name and title. Cover, I think, was a castle in the distance, blue sky, green hills. Edited: Oct 16, , am. I'm looking for a book that I do not know the title or author to. I know it was published before The heroine travels to the Yukon, I think looking for her father I believe.